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Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dept.

Electrical and Electronics engineering is the application of the laws of physics governing electricity, magnetism, and light to develop products and services for the benefit of humankind. It is a professional discipline that deals with the application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. This branch offers exciting job opportunities for students in the rapidly evolving fields of information and communication technology and the latest advances in the more traditional areas of power, control, and electromagnetism. So electrical engineering deals with the problems associated with large-scale electrical systems such as power transmission and motor control. 

Electrical engineers are instrumental in revolutionizing the lives of modern man. They are required by the industries manufacturing all the household and office appliances like refrigerators, televisions, computer, microwaves and what not. In our age of satellite-transmitted television and transcontinental computer networks, these engineers are high in demand. Electrical engineers also find employment in atomic power plants, hydroelectric power plants as well as thermal power plants. Job responsibilities include specification, design, development, and implementation of products or systems, as well as research to create new ideas. 

The department has total intake of 60 students per year .The department has well qualified faculties who have excellent experience and qualifications including M.Tech., M.E. and B.E. contribute to the development of students and department as a whole.  

In spite of that, the department has well trained technical & supporting staffs who plays their role efficiently in Laboratories and other departmental works. The department has well equipped BEEE Lab., Software Labs and other important labs with advanced 40 computers to run various new software’s used in present scenario like MATLAB, MIPOWER etc.  

And last but not the Least the Department has its own Electrical Workshop in combination with Robotics Lab. where student can design from a miniature project and robotics concept to a industry level project and implement it.  


"To provide the graduates with the knowledge and skills needed for high quality engineering work as well as advanced engineering research and to equip its graduates with a broad intellectual spectrum in order to prepare them for diverse and competitive career paths. ”


Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department will provide a program of the highest quality to produce leader engineers who can address the challenges of the century and excel at an international level.



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